Photo Flight Productions
Photo Flight Productions


 Cinematography and Photography  


Aerial Cinematography and photography ..Looking for that Drone Shot for your next commercial or social media project we have you covered.We also take HDR photos of property for Real Estate that look much better than a google maps image 



 Mobile Editing and Production


we make short edits for social media platforms such as commercials and events ..with Facebook Instagram and other social media plat forms growing in popularity this is a great way to advertise your event service or production



offering the new dji x5r films raw image 4k at 30fps great alternative for the Red or Arri cameras


We offer aerial cinematography and Aerial Photography at an affordable rate..Equipment that we use includes the Dji Inspire 1 (dual Opp) the Infinity 6 Hexacopter for DSLR platforms (dual Opp) such as the gh4 and sony a7s ..also for a cheaper rate we fly the Dji Phantom4 and Phantom3 Pro 


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